New to the City?

New to the City of London or Canary Wharf? See our Halal maps to give you suggestions on where you can pray locally and eat Halal food, with an informal review of the establishment.

Also, here’s a very useful site for Muslims planning Holidays – Details of Mosques, Halal food outlets and general topics for countries and cities worldwide

Crescent Rating – Halal Holiday planning

Ramadan Awareness

View Halal Map of Canary Wharf in a larger map

View Halal Map of Liverpool Street in a larger map

Islamic Activities

Please see below for guides to leading Jumah Khutbahs to the performing of Hajj and Umrah. Please let us know of any other content you would like to see here

A Guide to leading Friday prayers:


Umrah Guidance

Hajj Guidance

New Isoc? Administrative Guidance

Trying to establish a new Muslim interest group or Corporate Network under Diversity and Inclusion? We can certainly try to help, please see our links below for proposals, advice on policies for Religious Leave, Islamic Society Constitutions and Best practices. If you would like more guidance or to send us other useful information for us to include on our Resources page, please contact us.

Proposal – Creating a Corporate Muslim Network

Generic Muslim Network presentation

Islam101 – Discover Islam

Islamic Society Constitution

Best Practice: Networking Dinner

Best Practice: Sponsorship

Event Leave Policy