Over the past 6 years, CUBE Network has helped raised funds towards good causes with last year’s successful campaign contributing £75,000 towards the British Asian Trusts ‘Mind, Body and Sew’ Campaign for Mental Health Awareness.

This year, 2017,  CUBE Network  partnered with Human Appeal and 14 corporate Muslim networks to raise over £70,000 for its Charity campaign Food for Famine.

East Africa is facing one of its worst disasters, with more than 1.4 million children facing the very real threat of starvation, and the famine is fast spreading across the region.

‘Food for Famine’ aimed to provide Food, Water and Security for 1000 families, ensuring food is delivered safely and directly to each family in Somalia.

Currently the figure stands at £70,000, but watch this space for an update.

Established in 1991, Human Appeal is the fastest growing Muslim charity in the UK and has won the Best Charity Award in recognition of its phenomenal success in community engagement.


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Why does CUBE Network use BT MyDonate?

CUBE Network undertook market analysis and found BT MyDonate to be the best fit for our needs. Amongst its many positives, there are a few that are even more applicable during Ramadan:

  1. MyDonate does not take any commission on charitable donations (unlike its competitors, who can take upto 5% of all donations)
  2. Donations are paid out to charities on a weekly basis as opposed to monthly, ensuring your Zakat money gets to Human Appeal quickly
  3. BT Muslim Network and MyDonate are already working in parallel to support Human Appeal and CUBE Network this Ramadan

(for more detail on MyDonate – click here