“I ran away and tried to lock myself in my room. I closed the door and tried to strangle myself with the scarf. I thought if I’m not around, all my problems would go away.”

An incredible £75,000 was raised on the night, boosting the Appeal total to more than half a million pounds.


In late 2016, CUBE Network represented faith in the city at Barnardos 150th Anniversary held at the prestigious St Pauls Cathedral

With the CEO Omar Saeed and Spiritual lead Umer Suleman in attendance and an audience of over 300 distinguished guests, Umer took to the stage to highlight the importance in caring for neglected children as exampled in the holy Quran. Below is an extract from this text:

The welfare of orphans is a recurring theme in the Qur’an, creating a sense of responsibility towards orphans or children who have no home specifically and the young generally. This affinity between the orphan and the Prophet (pbuh) is expressed with great clarity in the hadith.

“I, and the one who looks after an orphan, will be together like this in the next world”, then he raised his index and middle fingers together.”

The lesson for Muslims is that in offering protection to an orphan is to choose the companionship of the Prophet himself, reminding us all of our common responsibility towards vulnerable children.

MIND, BODY & SEW raised over £500k

CUBE Network in partnership with the British Asian Trust for Ramadan 2016

2016 saw the CUBE Network partnering with the British Asian Trust once again, to bring you the MIND, BODY & SEW campaign to help raise crucial awareness for impoverished women and those suffering from Mental health issues across Pakistan.

Following the huge success of the British Asian Trusts Iftar Dinner at the Savoy last month, attended by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, the British Asian Trust and campaign partner, CUBE Network hosted a spectacular Eid Gala Dinner in support of Mind, Body & Sew. An incredible £75,000 was raised on the night, and including the CUBE Networks online campaign, boosted the Appeal total to more than half a million pounds.

Lead by much loved comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli, the evening was packed with powerful performances, entertainment and was attended by over 300 distinguished guests from the worlds of business and politics, including Rushanara Ali MP and Shabana Mahmood MP.

BBC News Presenter and British Asian Trust ambassador Asad Ahmad highlighted some of the stories of the remarkable women he met on a recent visit to Pakistan, where he learned more about the positive impact of our work on their lives.

However, the evening was also an opportunity to celebrate the enormous contributions to public life and charitable giving made by the British Muslim community. In this spirit, the hit comedians Bilal Zaffar and Paul Chowdhry delighted guests with their brilliant stand-up acts.

Overall an astounding total of £506k was raised across the campaign, Iftar events and the Eid Gala dinner. Thank you for all your support on this amazing campaign and look forward to your further engagement on our Networks journey.


Photos :

Main photography by: Hafeez Saeed – info@hafeezsaeed.com / http://hafeezsaeed.com/

Supporting photographer: Frazer Owen  – 07971 612 365

Canary Wharf Sisters Network

CUBE Network is proud to support Canary Wharf Sisters Network in its initiatives. Get involved in meeting other sisters from the canary wharf workforce and city to learn, meet, engage, exchange ideas, learn and build on initiatives, which will also be supported by us.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact the network via email: wharfsistersnetwork@gmail.com. We will also be promoting all events as part of CUBE Network mailshot and on our events webpage.

Orphans In Need

(2013) IFIS, in partnership with Orphans in Need, took on the challenge of sponsoring 100 orphans in the blessed month of Ramadan 2013. For four weeks, with your support , we managed to aid a significant number of orphans, providing them with a home, food, shelter, clothing and an education for the year.

Thank you, on behalf of IFIS and Orphans in Need for all of your support and may you continue to aid us in our aims, its only with your blessed involvement that we can grow and continue to improve iA.

If you wish to continue to support Orphans in Need, you can make a donation HERE


CUBE  Network and Charity Right teamed up to create the CITY400 Campaign, where corporate networks were tasked to raise or donate £400  or more.

Why £400?  Because this would provide a family in need (in Sudan) with food and sustenance for an entire year.

Together, using television appearences, corporate network support and online campaigns, we raised over £20k, enough to feed over 50 families for the year.

To continue to support the amazing work of Charity Right – please visit Charity Right

Penny Appeal

2014 – in partnership with Penny Appeal, took on the challenge of raising awareness of Penny Appeal amongst city professionals in the blessed month of Ramadan 2014. Entitled ‘Ramadan14‘, we managed to raise over £3000 for the Thirst Relief and Feed the World programmes, as well as engaging firms and individuals in active fundraising.

If you wish to continue to support Penny Appeal, you can make a donation HERE

London Womens Shelter Project - NZF

(2013) IFIS and NZF Campaign for the London Womens Shelter Project raised £24k!

IFIS successfully completed an 8-week awareness and fund-raising campaign in aid of the National Zakat Foundation’s 14-bed homeless women’s shelter project in London, a pioneering initiative that has been operational since October 2012 (www.nzf.org.uk). The campaign began on Friday 1st March and encouraged over 14 firms and islamic groups to get involved and raise donations. Alhumdullillah, the total raised was just over £24,000!!

We closed this campaign with a successful celebratory networking event in Central London on the evening of Friday 26th April with special guests Shaykh Alaa Elsayed, a dynamic and inspirational speaker from Toronto, and the awesome Darren Cheesman, one of the stars of the England hockey team and Lifecoach.

Deaf Awareness in the Muslim Community

(2012) IFIS and Al Isharah raised over £2k for Deaf Awareness in the Muslim Community

IFIS and Al Isharah combined in the year of IFIS’s inception to work on an awareness across the city for a local charity supporting the teaching of Islam to deaf persons with Al Isharah. A pioneering programme for a group often overlooked, IFIS were honoured to work with Al Isharah, culminating with a heart rendering speech (with BSL) at IFIS’s inaugural event at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce. To catch up on Al Isharah latest campaigns, please visit www.alisharah.com

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