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CUBE Network is an umbrella initiative that connects professional networks, groups and organisations with an interest in Islam to deliver a cohesive, united impact to charitable campaigns, corporate diversity considerations and communities through the utilisation of professional skillsets and networks . Our purpose is to provide support to existing and new ideas whilst enhancing our presence within the City and beyond.


Initially, the idea came together during a Pakistan Flood Relief fund dinner in 2011 for a Princes Trust Charity. A number of professionals, working across corporate firms, and utilising their personal/professional networks aided in raising over £100k. Spearheaded by founding members within the Banking industry, subsequent support was quickly established from members of leading city institutes representing Law, Finance, Telecoms and Consulting industries.

Our events, mail promotions as well as annual charity campaigns further generated considerable interest and an expansion of our network to include engineering, medical and government professional groups working together to create awareness and support for initiatives within and beyond  the city.

Successes to date:

  • Grown to cover 100+ Networks
  • Estimated reach of over 10,000 Muslim professionals
  • Our 2016 Mind, Body & Sew Ramadan campaign and Eid Gala Dinner helped to raise over £500k for the British Asian Trust
  • CITY400 Ramadan campaign: raised enough to provide sustenance support for over 50 families
  • An amazing £1.5m raised through collaborative efforts (directly and indirectly)
  • Supported the establishment of new networks (e.g. Wharf Sisters)
  • Supported Faith events such as Barnardos 150th Anniversary at St Pauls Cathedral
  • Consulted on Corporate Diversity boards on strategic direction
  • Ramadan campaigns for British Asian Trust, National Zakat Foundation, Orphans in Need, Penny Appeal, Al Isharah and Charity Right
  • Developed and led Leadership courses for delegates  across City organisations
  • Delivery of significant visibility  for Charities across the Corporate sector, utilising networks to promote further growth opportunities

Target for 2017 :

  • Establish Mentoring and Diversity advisory services for members
  • Deliver advanced Leadership skills course focusing on ethical leadership, establishing purpose and presence
  • Partner with Human Appeal  and further increase corporate engagement during Ramadan
  • Work on year long advisory and promotional support for Muslim Fostering campaigns

CUBE Network Founder and CEO selected as one of '30 Ones to Watch' by Brummell magazine

Cube Network is extremely pleased to inform that Omar Saeed, founder and CEO of CUBE Network has been awarded one of Brummell Magazines 30 ones to watch for 2017, celebrating the performance and achievement of bright young talent in London’s financial services sector and allied fields

Click to read the article: http://brummellmagazine.co.uk/30-ones-to-watch-2017/

Also noteworthy is that in previous years, CUBE Network Board members Umer Suleman and Hamza Saghir, have also been similarly recognised demonstrating CUBE Networks unique position amongst City Networks. For more details please visit here: http://brummellmagazine.co.uk/30-ones-watch-2016/


Thanks to all who participated in the Muslim Professionals Leadership (27.02.16) course where topics such as ‘Influencing without Authority’ and ‘Leadership in a challenging environment’ were very well received.

“We shouldn’t be hung up on titles, rather we should focus on outcomes, and what can be achieved irrespective of where we are in facilitating that change. Leadership isn’t about being in the forefront, but about influencing and …wherever you influence from… you are a leader.” Visiting Sheikh

To learn more on this and a post event synopsis of the course, please visit: cubenetwork.org/leadership.

Eid with CUBE - An amazing evening to mark Eid and the successful Food for Famine campaign

For more photos of the Event – click here

After raising an incredible £70,000 this Ramadan, we had our celebratory Eid dinner –  Eid with CUBE – on the 12th of July 2017

The Eid with CUBE dinner brought together over 300 key individuals from Professional & Corporate Muslim and Multicultural networks.

CEOs of charities, founding partners of award-winning businesses and global directors from across the world, attended alongside Muslim professionals.

All enjoyed an evening of informative talks & networking, topped off with sometimes edgy, side-splitting comedy by Guz Khan.

Thank you to all of our guests and supporters who were able to join us for this Eid celebration. Your presence and enthusiasm made the evening a resounding success!!

CUBE Network would like to thank Human Appeal for the collaborative partnership and this year’s record breaking Ramadan campaign.

A detailed update on amounts raised will follow shortly, to see photos from the evening please click here


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Our 2016 Eid Gala Event

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Mind, Body & Sew Ramadan campaign 2016