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CUBE Network is an umbrella initiative that connects professional networks, groups and organisations with an interest in Islam to deliver a cohesive, united impact to charitable campaigns, corporate diversity considerations and communities through the utilisation of professional skillsets and networks . Our purpose is to provide support to existing and new ideas whilst enhancing our presence within the City and beyond.


Initially, the idea came together during a Pakistan Flood Relief fund dinner in 2011 for a Princes Trust Charity. A number of professionals, working across corporate firms, and utilising their personal/professional networks aided in raising over £100k. Spearheaded by founding members within the Banking industry, subsequent support was quickly established from members of leading city institutes representing Law, Finance, Telecoms and Consulting industries.

Our events, mail promotions as well as annual charity campaigns further generated considerable interest and an expansion of our network to include engineering, medical and government professional groups working together to create awareness and support for initiatives within and beyond  the city.

Successes to date:

  • Grown to cover 80+ Networks
  • Estimated reach of over 7000 Muslim professionals
  • Our 2016 Mind, Body & Sew Ramadan campaign and Eid Gala Dinner helped to raise over £500k for the British Asian Trust
  • CITY400 Ramadan campaign: raised enough to provide sustenance support for over 50 families
  • Chivalry in the City event: £16,000 raised for Charity Right
  • An amazing  £1m raised through collaborative efforts (directly and indirectly)
  • Supported the establishment of new networks (e.g. Wharf Sisters)
  • Ramadan campaigns for British Asian Trust, National Zakat Foundation, Orphans in Need, Penny Appeal, Al Isharah and Charity Right
  • Delivery of significant visibility  for Charities across the Corporate sector, utilising networks to promote further growth opportunities

During 2016 :

  • Partnering with the British Asian Trust for our Ramadan Campaign: Mind, Body and Sew for vulnerable women in Pakistan
  • Leadership course programme in progress, the 1st course seeing over 60 delegates from leading corporate firms in attendance to understand purpose, corporate and central body engagement, spiritual development as well as effective leadership skills.
  • Corporate Values Index in development, to understand how organisations can effectively work with their faith based employees as well as retain and attract talent



Cube Network is extremely pleased to inform that Umer Suleman and Hamza Saghir, both members of the Cube Network steering committee have been recognised in this year’s Brummell Magazine 30 Ones to Watch 2016: Rising stars of the City. For more details please visit here: http://brummellmagazine.co.uk/30-ones-watch-2016/


Thanks to all who participated in the Muslim Professionals Leadership (27.02.16) course where topics such as ‘Influencing without Authority’ and ‘Leadership in a challenging environment’ were very well received.

“We shouldn’t be hung up on titles, rather we should focus on outcomes, and what can be achieved irrespective of where we are in facilitating that change. Leadership isn’t about being in the forefront, but about influencing and …wherever you influence from… you are a leader.” Visiting Sheikh

CUBE Network also announced its plans to develop the Corporate Values Index (CVI). To learn more on this and a post event synopsis of the course, please visit: cubenetwork.org/leadership.

You can also email the CVI team: index@cubenetwork.org



CUBE Network will be bringing you some exciting developments this year as well as continuing on expanding our initiatives founded in 2016. Watch this space!

EID Gala Event 2016 – with the British Asian Trust

An incredible £75,000 was raised on the night, boosting the Appeal total to more than half a million pounds.

Lead by much loved comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli, the evening was packed with powerful performances, entertainment and was attended by over 300 distinguished guests from the worlds of business and politics, including Rushanara Ali MP and Shabana Mahmood MP.

BBC News Presenter and British Asian Trust ambassador Asad Ahmad highlighted some of the stories of the remarkable women he met on a recent visit to Pakistan, where he learned more about the positive impact of our work on their lives.

Creative Director Mohammed Ali and his team, collectively known as Soul City Arts gave a unique and compelling performance to help audiences better understand the problems faced by people suffering from mental health related issues. The piece entitled ‘State of Mind’ highlighted the confusion and isolation felt by people like Shama, a young woman with schizophrenia who’s moving story has been at the heart of our Appeal.

However, the evening was also an opportunity to celebrate the enormous contributions to public life and charitable giving made by the British Muslim community. In this spirit, the hit comedians Bilal Zaffar and Paul Chowdhry delighted guests with their brilliant stand-up acts.

Overall an astounding total of £506k was raised across the campaign, Iftar events and the Eid Gala dinner. Thank you for all your support on this amazing campaign and look forward to your further engagement on our Networks journey.

Photos :

Main photography by: Hafeez Saeed – info@hafeezsaeed.com / http://hafeezsaeed.com/

Supporting photographer: Frazer Owen  – 07971 612 365


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Photos from our recent Eid Gala Event with the British Asian Trust